The name Sandy Shores Wine has been derived from the fertile riverbanks of the Breede River in the Western Cape.

The sandy shores of this imposing major South Africa river meandering it’s way through the rich wine producing area of Robertson installed in us the belief that the selection of the best grapes available will bring a fruity full of cultivar character to our well balanced wines. For any wine connoisseur and the person who enjoys a glass of wine on any occasion our wines are renowned for being of excellent value.

Our vineyards are selected by an experienced winemaker and viticulturist and farmed according to specific international standards so as to ensure very healthy grapes full of concentrated flavours.

Sandy Shores Wine is produced using traditional methods with very little interference ensuring that the flavours remain intact. The final product is a top quality wine from this rich wine region of Robertson, South Africa.

We have wine for every occasion. Our red wines include Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot ideal for red meat, game or certain fish meals such as Red Roman. Our white wine Sauvignon Blanc a perfect compliment for almost any occasion and especially fish or white meat.


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